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Click the links above to see a few sample items from our extensive menu. 

All prices are in Lao kip. 8.000 kip = approx $1USD

Note: Prices are subject to change. Please check the restaurant menu for current prices.

Lao food is a taste sensation all on its own. Lao food combines texture with flavour - and a number of the dishes are prepared with bark, wood and green vegetables collected from plants growing in the jungle to give it its unique flavour and taste.

Unlike restaurants in the west where food is often prepared in advance, dishes arrive at the table depending on the complexity of the ingredients, which are freshly mashed, chopped and cooked as clients order them. This can lead to delays, especially if the restaurant is busy. However these delays are essential to retain the wonderful qualities of fresh Lao food, which gives the food its unique flavour.

  • The pastes and sauces that flavour our food are all made on the premises. 
  • ALL the food is freshly cooked as you order it.  This can at times cause a short delay. We appreciate your patience when this occurs, but it is worth the wait!
  • Lao food does not normally come with chillies and the Lao serve chilli as a side dish so that people can flavour their food to their taste.  If you require extra chilli please ask the waiters. 
  • The Lao do not have a concept of entrees – the food is served as each dish is cooked, which can vary with the complexity of the cooking involved with each dish.
  • We can cater for vegetarians and diabetics - just refer to the specially marked sections of the menu
  • All water served is pure uncontaminated drinking water.
  • We have the usual range of beer, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, iced fruit drinks, tea and coffee. Red and white wine is available by the glass or bottle.

   The Service is good, the waiters speak English, the
   restaurant is clean, the prices are reasonable. 

   So come in and enjoy a very tasty Lao or International 
   meal with us.


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