Main Meals

Main Meals

318.  Orlarm                                                                                  45.000
Beef or chicken casserole Luang Prabang style - with eggplants, Lao green leaf vegetables, onions, Lao fungus, crisp green beans and a small amount of chili and juniper wood – a favourite with Luang Prabang people     

319. Oh Pa Daek                                                                             40.000
Luang Prabang pork casserole – delicious subtle flavours of shallot, garlic, chilli, lemongrass, galangal, basil and paedak (Lao fish sauce)

320.  Tom Chaeow Pa                                                                    50.000
Luang Prabang style spicy fish casserole with eggplants, spring onions, coriander and a small amount of chili – unusual and very interesting mix of flavors

321.  Ua Nor Mai                                                                            35.000
Crispy bamboo shoots stuffed with pork and vegetables – served with a sweet dipping sauce, delicious and unusual

322.  Mok Pa Fok                                                                           40.000
Fish mixed with coconut and lemon grass enclosed in a banana leaf and steamed - very popular

323. Say Ua Moo                                                                            50.000
Luang Prabang pork sausages with cucumbers and Luang Prabang chutney - only made in Luang Prabang but enjoyed by all Laos

324.  Say Ua Kway                                                                         35.000
Luang Prabang buffalo sausage with green beans, onions and a little chilli

327. Larp Pa / Gai / Moo                                                                50.000
Lao larp - minced salad with fish or chicken or pork

330. Khua Gai Maak Muang                                                             50.000
Chicken with oyster sauce and cashew nuts

334. Khua Maak Kheua Gup Moo                                                     40.000
Fried eggplant with minced pork and onions – delicious

338.  Khua Nor Mai                                                                        45.000
Fried bamboo shoots with pork or chicken or prawn

339.  Khua Phakbong Faidaeng                                                       30.000
Fried morning glory - very popular as an accompanying dish

350. Khua Pha Het Hom – Fragrant Fish                                          50.000
Stir fried fish with ginger, onion, capsicum, touch of chilli and Chinese mushrooms - ginger lovers delight

903. Khao Phat                                                                              30.000
Fried rice with either prawns or chicken


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