Evening Class

Evening Class Schedule - for those pressed for time
Starts at 5.00 pm and finishes at approximately 7.30 – 8.00 pm (
including eating time)

1. Demonstration of 4 dishes:

     *  Mok Pa Fok - Fish mixed with coconut and lemon grass enclosed in a banana leaf and steamed
     *  Pork Larp – the famous Lao cold meat salad
     *  Paneang Gai – this dish is unusual mixing pork and chicken meat and a good example of the subtle flavours
         the Lao enjoy
     *  Luak Puk – vegetable dish with delicious tomato based dipping sauce
2. Taste the 4 dishes and choose to cook 3 at your work station, following the instructions in the Cook Book and aided by the instructors

3. Then in demonstration only, you are shown how to cook Cowniouw (Lao sticky rice) and Jeowbong (the famous Luang Prabang chilli paste)

4. Eat what has been cooked for your
evening meal

Total cost: 160,000 kip per person ($US20)

Only twelve places available in each session, so make sure you book ahead to guarantee a place!


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