Diabetics  ...to make it a little easier choosing your meal

* The Lao do not use much oil or sugar in their cooking so a lot of their food is diabetic friendly.

* The menu items that we recommend below are based on experience as a family member is Type 2 diabetic.
   However, please note that they are recommendations only, because what a diabetic person eats depends on so
   many different things.

Note: If you are diabetic and a vegetarian, make sure you check with the vegetarian section of the menu (yellow section) for the dishes that can be cooked with tofu. 

Here are a few of the dishes that are suitable for diabetics. Please check the blue section of the menu for a complete list of suggestions.

306  Raw spring rolls served with a sweet dipping sauce                                                                            30.000
- Use the dipping sauce sparingly and it’s still delicious

309  Three Elephant Dip – roasted eggplants, garlic and lime juice with a touch of chilli                                  25.000

All soups are suitable

318  Orlam – beef or chicken casserole – a favourite dish with the Lao.  Also a favourite for fennel lovers.        45.000 Has eggplants, fennel, Lao green vegetables, onions, Lao fungus, crisp green beans and a small amount of chilli.

327  Larp – Lao traditional meat salad with chicken, fish or pork – subtle and textured – eaten at all Lao           
50.000 special  occasions

328  Luak Phuk– steamed vegetables – chosen from those in season. Served with a spicy dipping sauce             35.000 A little chilli but at the same time the flavour lingers wonderfully in the mouth

333  Khua Phuk Hed Hom – stir fried green vegetables with shitake mushrooms                                              30.000

334  Khua Muk Kua Gup Moo – minced eggplant with pork – everybody’s favourite

335  Khua Phak Gup Khing – stir fried vegetables with ginger. Lao like all vegetables and most are simple        45.000 but with that added extra subtle flavouring they enjoy

345  Feu Khua – stir fried thick rice noodles with chicken or pork or beef,Lao green vegetables, tomatoes,      35.000 onions and garlic

346  Mok Pha Lao – steamed fish with lime leaves and lemongrass in banana leaf – very popular and again         40.000 subtle delicious flavours

350  Khua Pha Het Hom – fragrant fish – fish ginger, onion, capsicum, touch of chilli and shitake mushrooms


If you are eating family style (shared dishes) then you might like to mix with some of the other dishes
but only have a small amount of the dishes that are not so suitable for diabetics then
you can have a taste of a lot more of our flavours!

You might like to finish your meal with a plate of fresh tropical fruit

PLEASE NOTE:  Sticky rice is not suitable for diabetics to eat in large amounts, but depending on what you have eaten during the day you can enjoy a small amount occasionally.  

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